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Shareware / Freeware Programs and Links

Free to use engineering software - Some with limited functinality, but most are quite useful AS IS.

Use These Four Programs ONLINE by running them now...

Pi Pad Resistive Network Calculator
PiPad Calculator
T Pad Resistive Network Calculator
T Pad Calculator
Coaxial Line Calculator (Square or Round Conductors)
Coaxial Line Calculator
Waveguide Information Calculator
Waveguide Calculator

FREE Waveguide Calculator from The Engineers' Club Online Services

FREE Microwave Path Calculator from The Engineers' Club Online Services.

"CURVEFIT" vs 2.11-A   (DOS Format)-  Fits your data to one of 25 formulas and shows you the best fit  

MxrSpur II ©  v2.1 RF Mixer Spur Analysis Program (demo program locked LO frequency)

eSeptum©  v2.1- - waveguide Filter Design Software - Waveguide Filters for under $3 (demo locked to WR22)

DimStrip - (DOS Format) Great Microwave Impedance Calculator for Microstrip, Stripliine and Coupled Lines.

Excel Spreadsheet Calculation for misaligned waveguide flanges. Works for offsets and twists.

MATHCAD 8 (or higher) Data File (MCD File)- Circular waveguide Impedance / Mode Calculations - By Bob Griffith

MATHCAD 8 (or higher) Data File (MCD File)- Waveguide Crossguide Coupler Design and Plotting - By Bob Griffith

Want to try a full blown RF Electro-Magnetic Simulator for a FREE 30 day trial.. TRY THIS COMPANY


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