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eSeptum Waveguide Filter Design Program

Download a trial copy of eSeptum© with  Waveguide Band "LOCKED" to WR19.         Invite a friend

System Requirements:  Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP with over 256 RAM. (Note: if running VISTA, Windows7 please read)

Download  the Tutorial, 800Kbytes ( eSeptum.pdf )   


1.    SPECIFY your filter requirements  on Screen One
2.    SELECT the best waveguide band for your filter design on Screen Two
3.    FINALIZE your design with interactive features for drift and tolerances on Screen Three

Check out some of these Articles and User Reports about eSeptum
Click Here:  For  Predicted versus Measured 25GHz Data, 3,5,6 and 7 section filters LMDS Design for Manufacturability Example.  Feb. 2000 Wireless Symposium Presentation Filter Tolerance Considerations in manufacturing. Feb 2003 Wireless Show Power Point Presentation 

eSeptum lets you set the variables for:

  • Your choice of Tchebycheff or Butterworth Filter Designs
  • Resonators   (N)  From 1 to 10
  • Variable "A" dimension width   allows investigation of manufacturing tolerances.
  • Housing Materials: temperature test with pre-programmed coefficients.
  • Enter ANY size waveguide bands or let eSeptum AutoGuide®  determine what waveguide band works bests.
  • Guide sizes from 4 GHz to 110 GHz  are preprogrammed.
  • Resonator etched factors:  NO SURPRISES in manufacturing and reproducability!


Features unique to eSeptum Filter Design Program:

  • SepFind® and SepCalc® algorithms make calculations incredibly fast
  • AutoFil®  "Smart" Scalar Analyzer  knows what frequencies you want
  • AutoFil® sets frequencies up for you. 
  • Scalar Analyzer allows looking for second filter passband problems.
  • AutoFil® ..eSeptum defaults minimize calculations for you.
  • References:  septum materials,vendors and a sample housing drawing.
  • QWKHelp® by clicking on any descriptive text  
  • Store and Recall Scalar Analyzer settings for ease of use. SAVES TIME



- LMDS Systems:. These filter should be ideal for the new 28GHz and 31GHz markets.
- Personal Cellular Service: PCS Service providers need inexpensive equipment to service this fast growing market segment
- Spread Spectrum: Ideal for inexpensive "Clean Up" transmitter filters
- Requirements where Cost vs. Specification "Trade-offs" allow use of low cost, non-tunable alternatives.


Partial Customer List

Andrew Corp
Arcom, Inc
Atlantic Microwave
CALY Networks
Ciao Wireless
EER Systems
Electronics Tech Lab.
GHz Technologies
Harris Corp.
HIttite Corp.
Honeywell Tech
Infotech Systems
Jet Propulsion Labs
LNX Corp.
Luna Microwaves
Malibu Networks
Marki Microwave
Millimeter Products
Norsat International
Nurad Technologies
Oak Ridge Nat. Labs
Pawlan Communication
Princeton Microwave
Quality Solutions
Science & Applied Tech
Sharon Microwave
Stanford Telecom
Triton Netowrk Systems
U.S Dept of Energy
US Monolithics
WinComm Comm
WiseWave Technology

Customer quotes about eSeptum...

"Excellent, the eSeptum program is exactly what we have been looking for" ... " being able to look at the effects of tolerance and temperature is just too cool".

Steve Rempel
R&D Manager
Marki Microwave

"eSeptum is a terrific tool for the design of waveguide e-plane filters. It is easy-to-use, and gives accurate first time results. This tool enables the design of low cost, very high performance filters, without the need to do the complex mathematical calculations previously required. Having previously written my own software to design e-plane filters, I find eSeptum to be fast, and flexible; with a very intuitive interface. The performance and sensitivity analysis functions are especially useful. If you need to design this type of filter, in my opinion eSeptum is the tool of choice."
                  Geoff Nicholls,
              Filtronic Solid State

For the record, I'm very impressed with your software. It's both cheaper and (much) faster than the software that we have historically used for this application. At present, the only major improvement I could suggest would be the option of using SI units rather than imperial.

Mike Pomeroy
Development Group Leader
Philips Broadband Wireless

System Requirements:  Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP with 256 RAM or more

Single user license (one computer)    $850.00  No shipping charge for our easy eMail Update

USA Purchase Orders only

Download a DEMO copy of eSeptum© with  Waveguide Band "LOCKED" to WR19.

Download  the Tutorial in PDF Format, 800Kbytes ( eSeptum.pdf )

When completely satisfied with the ease of use and functionality of eSeptum , arrange for payment and we will email you the AUTHORIZATION CODE. 

ORDER NOW Email us a PDF Purchase Order for $850.00 and We'll Upgrade Your Demo.

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Download a trial copy of eSeptum© with  Waveguide Band "LOCKED" to WR19.

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